Saturday, July 30, 2011

Keys to the Mallory House

We were given keys to the Mallory House, not for pleasure, but for work!  A different assignment today during our four day work week.

I think you can see what lies ahead.  This is the before picture.  The Mallory House is on refuge property.  It is on Whiting Bay which connects to the Bay of Fundy.  It is a beautiful piece of property with a beautiful view.
Five years ago, we were given the opportunity to put our rig to the right of the house.  It was very tempting, but just didn't see how we could manuever to get in.

There he goes downhill....the machine is a DR mower.

If I hadn't been there to stop him, he would have just mowed right over the peonies.

As you can see, there is quite a slope to the back yard.
Wallace had his work cut out for him.

This is a view of Whiting Bay out the back window of the house.  The little bare island had many seals out basking in the sun.  The long piece of land in the background is an island owned by the refuge as well known as Burnt Island.  Much of the land in this area is owned by the refuge.

While he was mowing, I had a chance to wander about.  With camera in hand, I walked down to the waters edge where I found these growing amongst the volcanic rocks. 

This is the after picture!!!  He did a really good job.  We could have stayed longer and spruced it up a little more, but I needed to be back to help out in the office.

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  1. The before and after look like totally different places. A day of hard work can do wonders, cant it!?