Saturday, July 9, 2011

Quoddy Head...East and West

Our destination today was Lubec, Maine.  Today was a special day when you can actually go up into the light.  The rock formation is known as the ship rock.

We were serenaded by a Song Sparrow and by this fellow who sang songs of the sea.

The East Quoddy Head Lighthouse is at the eastern point of Campobello Island where FDR's summer home is located.  It is the best place to see whales.  All the tours take you to this point, but you can go sit by the light and watch them from there.  But, you ask, how can I get out there?  Only at low tide!!!  Now the Bay of Fundy has 24' to 28' tides twice a day.  It rises very fast, one inch a minute.  In the BIG picture above, you can see a set of stairs.  You go down on the ocean floor and then back up to get there.  Know when the tides are right!!!  It's really a neat thing to do.

A stop at the old cemetary in Lubec, produced this picture of yet another lichen.  This one is Granite Firedot.  This type of growth erodes the surface of the rock, but it moves at an extremely slow pace. 

I will leave you with this scene with promises of more to come about it.   We will be working for the next four days, but a special place with a write up and more pictures about this is on the way.  Stay tuned.

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