Saturday, July 16, 2011

Jonesport, Maine

One of my favorite places to visit.  I said I would continue a story about the lobster boats, so here goes.  Jonesport is known as the gem of Downeast Maine.  Why "Down" East?  It goes back to the 1600's when the early explorers sailed "down the wind" as they moved eastward with the prevailing southwest winds as they still do today.  It has scores of lobster boats at rest in their picturesque coves.

The lobster village boasts the birthplace of the "Jonesport" style hull used all along the coast because of its ease with which it comes into the wind, rides the swells and tosses off the bow waves.  In the background is a beautiful church with exquisite stained glass windows.  It is a friendly place without a lot of tourists, our kind of place.  The place where you access Great Wass Island trail that I have shared with you on an earlier blog.  A place where you can go out to see the puffins while sailing around lighthouses.

A place where this is a common site.  Lobster traps and boats in front yards.  Each trap has a special buoy attached to each trap.  It will have a special design that makes it the property of a certain person.  This coloration is passed down from family to family.

These are miniature models with family names we found on our visit to Clyde, Maine when we took a trip to Monhegan Island.  Maybe that place will come later...there are so many places we have been, I'm not sure if I can cover them all.  Anyway, "people from away" find it almost impossible to get started in lobstering in the state of Maine.

We drove by this place I thought was worthy of a picture...maybe they would like my find to add to their collection.  No way!

This is what those lobster boats are all about.  These things are really ugly before being cooked.  This was a delicious meal finished off with blueberry pie and ice cream!!!

Before entering Jonesport, this scene I couldn't resist.  We pulled off the road to get a picture and became stuck in the sand of the soft shoulder.  We just got out of the truck when a Maine Marine Patrol officer was passing by...he immediately made a u-turn and pulled us out.  WOW, did I mention the people are very nice?
The above picture is of a blueberry barren with all the remains of boulders carried over the landscape and left by the glaciers from 15,000 years ago.  The glaciers are responsible for the beauty of this state and its pretty coastline with many huge pristine lakes.  Glaciers are another story.

Speaking of blueberries, the town of Machias has a Blueberry Festival in August.  That story will be forth-coming.

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  1. Did Wally eat that entire lobster and still have room for pie and ice cream?? My kind of guy!!

    Or maybe you shared??