Wednesday, July 20, 2011

More Friends, More Tours!!

When Lynn and Jane Miller emailed to say they would like a visit,  we happily agreed to include a tour of the refuge.  They arrived a little before 10:00 am and we headed out.  It was one of our workdays, but Bill (project leader) okayed the outing.  In the evening, we agreed upon a set time to meet for dinner.  Chinese was the pick of the group.  We each got something different...mine was Kung Pao Chicken.  Now let me explain, we usually go there for lunch which is a buffet.  Their dinner portions are humongous!!!  I should have taken a picture.  I thoroughly enjoyed mine...I just finished the leftovers.

After dinner, Wallace suggested we stop by the Village Green to see how the entertainment was.  Every Tuesday, someone takes stage to entertain any and all, free of charge.  It was a wonderful finish to a great time.  The night was perfect.  During the break, we walked down to the walking path by the St. Croix river as the sun was setting.  Our chance to spend a little more time getting to know one another.

Changing gears, talking about eating, the little town of Charlotte has a "Bean Supper" once a month in the summer to benefit their fire department. 

They served 341 people at $7.00 a plate and all the money goes to the fire department.  All the ladies make a dish including dessert.  We always look forward to this meal.

You can see, it's more than beans.  I finished it off with a piece of cocoanut pie. WOW.

The lady cutting the pie is Peg Sawyer, our ad min at Moosehorn NWR.  I always ask her to save me a piece of cocoanut pie, but there is always plenty.

The lady with the pretty smile is Betty Close.  She and her husband Michael volunteer at the refuge once a week and do a fantastic job greeting visitors for us.  The sweet lady in pink is Peg's mom.  The fellow in the sunglasses is a family friend who happens to be the pastor of the Baptist Church in Charlotte, named Bill.  I think you know the other person in the picture.

Until our next adventure...

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