Saturday, July 15, 2017

After many months with no blog because it is getting harder and harder to do, I started thinking it was not worth the aggravation. Once again, I will see how it goes.

We made it to Wisconsin where we have been since the middle of May.

It is now July and if I can get this thing to cooperate, we are back in business.

This was taken at the Benoit welcome center.

We have the prime spot this year where we are not looking at a trailer!

We have been enjoying beautiful sunsets as well as many animals, including a woodchuck with 6 babies. Adorable.

Our first big project was working on this floating boardwalk. All 2800 feet of it.

It was together until a 50 mph wind separated it into about 5 sections.

Our job was to make all the toe rails. The wood was delivered, we took the measurements between each post (none of them were alike), I cut them to fit, and Wallace nailed the small pieces spacing them 12" apart. We marked corresponding numbers on the boardwalk and each toe rail.

We, along with others, would haul them out there and they were screwed in place.

The only thing missing in this picture are the double ropes inserted through all the posts.

All my notes with all the measurements.

Only I could read them!

With our little yellow wagon and generator, Wallace, along with firefighters Zack and Heidi drilled holes with a hole saw through the toe rails where we had pipes keeping the boardwalk from coming apart again.

Until next time...