Tuesday, July 19, 2011

One Great Place Leads to Another

From high on a hilltop you enter the pretty little village of Cutler, Maine, population 623.  Before your eyes is this beautiful protected harbor.

It doesn't take long to drive through the village, but you will want to stop and take in the view!

I could live right there and be very happy!  As you can see, the tide is low.

You can get up close and personel to the towers I mentioned in yesterdays blog.  You can see the towers from Fort O'Brien across Machias Bay, but they are so far away.  Here at Cutler you can see how gigantic they really are.

To end the day, we drove over to Lubec for supper.

Our favorite restaurant in Lubec is Uncle Kippy's.  I had the crab cakes.  Even tho' it wasn't lump crab, they were tasty. 

We have a spot where we go for sunsets to end the day.

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