Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Tour of the Refuge for Friends

Mark and Terri McClelland have been on my tour before, so when they had friends coming up for a visit, they asked if I could give them another tour with their friends.  Sure thing....after approval from Bill, our project leader here at Moosehorn NWR. 

Mark and Terri on the left, and Sharon and Rick on the right.  Sharon went to school at PSJA where Wallace and I graduated from.  She's younger than us and remembered Louis, Wallace's younger brother.

We took all morning, driving, stopping, and getting out to take pictures, etc.  I really enjoy sharing this refuge with people and sharing the knowledge that I have gained while being here.

After many thanks, they treated me and Wallace to lunch in town where we continued getting acquainted and sharing our experiences.  Sharon commented, "What a wonderful life."  I have to agree with her.


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  2. We had a wonderful time. The knowledge you have of the area is amazing!
    All of us enjoyed the personal tour and the visit.