Tuesday, August 2, 2011


August lst...Carolyn's birthday.  My day.  What would I like to do?  Well, we start off by having blueberry pancakes with real Maine maple syrup.  The berries were picked here on the refuge as they allow 2 quarts a day per person, no rake, only handpicked.  Next was my haircut.

I haven't been to a beautyshop going on 9 years now.  Think of all the money I've saved.

The outing today will be crossing into Canada.  We take route 1 north to Houlton and cross there.

Our destination is Hartland, New Brunswick.  But first, here is my birthday card from Wallace.

This was a sign in sheet at an overlook.  Very original wouldn't you say?  The first birthday call was from my sister Murriel.  It was pretty ironic, as we said our goodbyes and I closed up my phone, the time was 8:43.  The month and year of my birth.  Now you know how old I am.  BIG DEAL!  The next call was from my granddaughter, Lindsey, who is 6 years old, singing Happy Birthday with a cha cha cha.  She has a lovely voice and can carry a tune.  There were various other calls but I won't elaborate.

Now on to our trip.

Yes, we are going to visit the WORLD'S longest covered bridge.  It is 1282' long, built in 1901 and covered in 1922.

Can you see the entrance to the bridge?  We not only drove across, but we walked it as well.  We discovered they accept graffiti, so I just had to put our names there.

Down below us is the mighty Saint John River that eventually empties into the Bay of Fundy.

One last shot as we crossed it again on leaving.

On to the Covered Bridge Potato Chip factory for a tour.  It is an old fashioned kettle chip company that controls the whole process from the time the seed potatoes go into the ground to bagging them up for sale.  We are in the heart of potato country!!!

Remember, you can click on the picture to enlarge so you can read about the history of the potato.  The tour was free because of equipment failure, but I would not recommend paying for this tour.  My shoes were slipping and sliding on the greasy floor.

Homeward bound with our chips in hand and they were very good.  Look who is grabbing for the bag.
We both enjoyed my birthday!!!

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  1. Happy Birthday!
    What a great way to spend it!