Sunday, August 21, 2011

Machias Blueberry Festival

Machias is the county seat of Washington County.  It is the second largest community in the county, second to Calais, with a population of 2,353.

It's a pretty town with the Machias River running through it.

Each year in August, they have this Blueberry Festival.

This is where all the action centers.  In front of this beautiful church.

There are mannnnny vendors selling everything from blueberry jam to burl bowls.

There is a blueberry pie eating contest for all ages, this happens to be the first group.  They end up with most of the pie on their faces and clothing, but it is really funny to watch.

This is a big reason why we go every year.

They have a huge library sale.  Hardbacks are $1.00.
Wallace is paying for our purchase.  Our oldest son, Wally, collects Stephen King books.  Plus we stock up for ourselves to keep us in books for a while.  We hit the jackpot.  We make sure we get there early.  This year, they had the books in alphabetical order..WOW!
We headed straight for the K's first. 

Another thing we like is the food!!! 

You can see a few doughboys in the picture.

We certainly enjoyed the funnel cake with lots of powdered sugar.

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  1. That book sale looks a lot larger than the one in Alamo where I saw Wally earlier this year.
    The funnel cake looks really good!
    We look forward to seeing yall in a couple of days!