Thursday, August 25, 2011

Moosehead Lake...Greenville, Maine

What a gorgeous area.  When we first went there the last of June, on a birding trip to Pittston Farm, we vowed to return to do some of the other things there are to do in this area.  Today was a return visit to cruise Moosehead Lake on the famous Katahdin steamboat which now runs on diesel.

The boat is anchored right next to the museum where you purchase your tickets.

I have to make a correction on an earlier blog.  This lake is the SECOND largest fresh water lake east of the Mississippi with Florida having the first.  However, it may be the deepest at 254'.

Click on the picture to enlarge for reading.

The lake holds 80 islands, has 400 miles of coastline, and is 75,000 acres in size. 

This is the smallest island.  Most of them are privately owned with houses on them.  The tall snag in this picture had a Bald Eagle perched on it.

Some of the mountains viewed from the cruise.

This is Big Spencer Mountain where the Bichnell's Thrush can be found.  Want to go for a hike?

This is Mount Kineo behind the small island. 

There is a nice hike to the top where you can climb up a fire tower for a 360 degree view.

Being that it is a 4 hour drive for us to get there and the cruise leaves at 12:30, there was no time left to do that hike.  There are lots of other hikes with things to do soooooo, that means another trip.  Darn the luck.

How about a seaplane ride?  That's there too! 

We had clam chowder on the boat for a little snack.  After we disembarked, 3 hours later, we ate at this place.

BURGERS.....BATHROOM.......BEER.  Named the Green Frog.

On our journey up to the lake, we came upon this covered bridge.

The original one was built in 1830 and rebuilt in 1990 because of a massive flood of the Piscataquis River.  It is the Low's Bridge.

On our way back, the Appalachian Trail crossed the road.  At this point, the hikers have only 112 miles to go to Mount Katahdin, the highest point in Maine, to finish their long trek that started in Georgia.

We had planned to spend the night and do some of the hikes, but with the threat of rain, we drove back.

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