Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Visit to Jackson

Whenever we are in the area, we always pay a visit to this place.

The Casey Jones Village.  The Old Country Store Restaurant is a great place to eat.  Some call it soul food, others call it good ole country cooking.

My first helping consisted of meat loaf, greens, cornbread, okra and tomatoes, cabbage, broccoli casserole and a sliver of ham.

The waiters greet you when you enter and say bye when you leave.

There is an old timey soda fountain...

and big barrels of different kinds of candies.  These are my favorite and I have a hard time finding them.  They had to replenish the stock because there just weren't enough RED ones.

These are the barrels of candy, and now there is a very long line for the buffet.

AHA...some more fried pies.  There are only two peach left and we hurriedly get in line to purchase them...they are ours!!!  These are by far the best other than the ones my mama used to make.

Across from the restaurant is Casey Jones home and museum.  We took the tour this time.  Casey Jones was a train engineer, and there is a famous song written about him.  He was known for being ON TIME.  At the age of 15, he left home to work with trains.  He died in his early 30's in a train wreck that was not his fault.

Because of a stalled train on the tracks, he met his death.  Many of you know the song "Casey Jones."  His name was John Luther Jones but called Casey...the town in Kentucky where he was from.

It is an interesting place especially if you are into trains.

Until next time...