Friday, April 26, 2013

Journey Toward Maine

The past three months, we were volunteering at Attwater Prairie Chicken National Wildlife Refuge near Eagle Lake, Texas.  We usually leave our volunteer jobs in South Texas by the first of April.  However, this year we hung on a little longer because of the festival at the refuge...wanting to help out there.

We left the morning of the 17th and drove to Madisonville where we made our first stop for fuel at a Buc-Ee's on I 45.  We stayed on the interstate for about 40 miles before turning east on 79.  At Marshall, we got on 59 to Wright Patman Corps of Engineer Park.

It is  a 33,750 acre surface area lake 9 miles south of Texarkana.  On day two, we had a terrific storm and it was nice to be stationary during that time to sit back enjoy it.

My quest for fried pies, took us to 

in Texarkana, Texas, just off New Boston Road.

They are not cheap at $2.99 each, but we bought 2 peach and 2 apricot...and slurped them all down.  Who knows when I will get those again.  My mama used to make them.  We also had their barbecue lunch.  Very good.  The pies were not as good as I remember my mama's though!!!

There are more Orchard Orioles in this park than any other place we have been.

We found this Green Heron by the water and it flew up in this tree.    We have been birding and hiking around the park when weather permitted.  We stayed eight days, waiting out the weather as well as waiting for a new jetpack to be mailed to us.

There were spots of color among all the green with this buckeye tree.  I have carried a buckeye seed with me for many years as it is a good luck piece.  Really, I think the seeds are just neat.  You can even purchase buckeye candy in Ohio...looks just like the seed.

I will leave you with a sunset over the lake at this park.

Safe journey to all travelers.  

Until next time...


  1. Will you be volunteering in Maine? I've never had a fried pie...

  2. Ugh, I thought maybe you had eliminated the work thing. :(

    1. Thanks Judy for letting me know about that aggravating robot thing. Let me know if it is not I think I got it off.

  3. Great photos, especially the sunset. Glad you got through the storms safely. That part of the country can be very dangerous.

  4. Beautiful sunset.
    Remember the potato candy we got in Presque Isle? Wally shared his with everyone. Yum, chocolate.

    1. As I remember...he was the only one who bought a piece of it. Do you remember the buckeye candy at the ice cream place in Ohio?