Saturday, April 6, 2013

Certified to Operate

With all our time spent on tractors getting all three food plots plowed, planed and then planted, came the days to get certified on the other "Big Boy Toys."

We sat through four hours of classroom for each implement before we could go out and play in the dirt!!!

Wednesday, we played on the dozer and wheel pictures... YET!!!  I forgot my camera!!!

Thursday, we played on the excavator.

With Darrell Peterson ever present...he certified us.  Ferris, our supervisor, reviewed.

Friday, we got to play on the skid steer loader.  I really enjoyed this's FUN.

We had to circle the building while carrying this full bucket of water using the fork and palette, trying not to spill too much of it.

Then we had to lift it and keep it level or spill it right on top of the one in the seat!!!  Happy to did not happen, but we had a good laugh anyway.

Next we learned how to pick up material.

We managed to get both pipes on the fork.

Then we tackled the dirt pile using the multipurpose bucket.

We learned how to change the work tool and how to hook it up using the hydraulic hoses, and how important it is to relieve the hydraulic pressure when removing the tool from the implement. 

Then we drove it back over to the pipes.

You can see I am using the clam to grab hold of the pipe.  This implement has about 25 tools which you can attach to use for different jobs.  

Next week, we will get more seat time in the implements.  Darrell wants us to go out and "play."  We will definitely get more photos then.

Until next time...


  1. earn is sreallly jealous Carolyn! He wants to come play with you guys! We used to have backhoes and skidsteers "back in the day" when he wasn't playing with firetrucks he was out playing in the dirt too! LOL

  2. It is great to see that Attwater is certifying you on all of these machines. Down at Laguna there was much talk about FWS not wanting to certify vounteers on heavy equipment unless they operated the equipment extensively during their working lives. Too many accidents, equipment damage, etc. My feeling is that long-term volunteers are as good a risk as a brand new FWS employee who may be gone in a year or two.

    I am scheduled to get more training this summer in Colorado. We'll see...


  3. What fun you two are having! We would love to do that.