Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Books

David and Marianne, friends we came to know while at Santa Ana NWR, came by for a visit on their way back to Vermont.  I won't say their primary purpose was to see us, but we had a wonderful day with them.  No, they wanted to see an Attwaters Prairie Chicken and SEE they did!!!  We got killer looks as "Samson," came right up to our vehicle.  David got some great photos of him.  That chicken entertained us for quite some time with his thumping, booming etc.  We also say three hens in the distance.  They got to see it all...up close and personal.

After our tour of the refuge, we drove back to headquarters where we introduced them and watched the short video.

Next it was lunchtime.  We took them to the Kountry Bakery in Eagle Lake and introduced them to kolaches.

The sausage roll kolaches are my favorite, of course, jalapenos!

Here are the guys goofing around.  David made a shishkabob out of some extra things he found on his plate.

After talking with a fellow there, we learned of a nice little walk that followed a creek where we did a little more birding.

Then it was back to our rig where we planned on having pot roast with homemade pecan pie, but that was interrupted because a bad storm was headed our way...with baseball size hail, we did not fool around.  David just requested the pecan pie, and they left.  Here is what y'all missed out on.

With my homemade brown gravy...David, I bet you are slobbering right now.  Well, the hail went around us but we did have a storm.  Thanks for stopping by and we will see you in Vermont in the summer.

Until next time...


  1. I'd sure like to see those Prairie Chickens, too.

    Have you ever thought of removing that prove you are not a robot word thing? I'm on my third try to post this comment. :(

    1. Oh, that robot word thing is awful...this computer (or maybe the jetpack) is giving me fits!!! Our next stop is just west of Nashville. We will see how it goes there.