Sunday, April 28, 2013

Journey Toward Maine Part 2

Crossing the HIGH Mississippi River into Memphis, we are now in Tennessee.  We drove 438 miles on the 25th but it was all on the interstate making things go a little faster, our destination being Natchez Trace State Park east of Jackson.  We have stayed here several times in the is a very nice park right off I 40.  It is a great birding spot with bird song filling the air!!!

There are these cabins by the lake and there is a lodge nearby.  The bathhouse is very clean (where you go if there is a tornado on the way) and there are three loops for rv's with full hookups.  It is really a beautiful place.

But, this year we arrived in our new 5th wheel.  We pulled into the usual site, had finished setting up, then realized we had no electricity.  The host, John, along with the park staff worked feverishly trying to fix the problem.  

It's now late...I start to have a melt down!!!  Nobody can figure out what the problem is, but John says it has happened before to other campers.

Mark McClelland to the rescue.  He and Teri have a sister 5th wheel to ours.  I called him to see if he had ever experienced this problem.  He suggested we turn the SURGE PROTECTOR OFF. learn something new everyday.  We traveled for nine years without a surge protector and never had a problem.  But since this rv has one, we will turn it back on when we leave.  The park has given us a free night for all our trouble...thanks to John.

On the 26th, we got out and birded a little this morning with a total of 40 birds in an hour.  Had a Chuck-wills-widow calling this morning at neat!!!  This is where you can find the beautiful Red-headed Woodpecker.

That afternoon, we had a mighty rain storm...hopefully the rv got a good rinse off from the road grime.

The 27th, it is still raining...with temperature 54 at 10:15.  It was another day of rest and relaxation until we got the message we were under a tornado warning until 3:00 am.  We had a restless night with our weather radio going off, keeping us informed.  We made it.

The 28th...what a beautiful morning...the birds are singing...the air smells fresh...with temps in the 60's.  It's time for another adventure.

Until next time...

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  1. Glad you weren't hit by a tornado! What kind of a 5th wheel did you get? We will try to remember about the surge protector. We have one (not built in) and not had any problems, but we will know what to try, now.