Sunday, June 26, 2016

Tour de Fond du Lac

Fond du Lac is a town south of Lake Winnebago, the largest inland lake in Wisconsin. It is French for "foot of the lake."

The Winnebago Indians were here before the French explorers visited.

Lakeside Park was an area which we explored. It is a 400 acre park.

This lighthouse is one of six on Lake Winnebago inside the park.

After stopping at the visitor center for the city, we discovered there isn't a whole lot to do here.

We climbed the 40' of which there are 70 steps to the top for some pretty views.

It was built in 1933, Cape Cod style with a flagstone base.

The flag flew at half staff for the victims of the Pulse nightclub in Orlando.

We enjoyed our short time visiting this light.

While waiting for a zillion teenagers to come down from the top, I noticed this etching on the side of the stairs, W+C, and no, we did not carve it there.

Time for lunch and this turned out to be a winner.

I had the shrimp stuffed crab and Wallace had the haddock stuffed with crab. Delicious.

After our brief tour of Fond du Lac, we explored another part of the great state of Wisconsin. I will save that trip for another time.

Until next time...


  1. we will be entering Wisconsin soon as we have the 4th of July booked near Madison Wisc.

  2. I like seeing the lighthouse... but it's the food that makes me sigh!

  3. I guess that every park isn't a winner. But as long as you had a good lunch...

  4. The blue stairs at the lighthouse were very photogenic. Beautiful area.