Saturday, June 11, 2016

Now, For the Rest of the Story

Sorry I had to end the post, but there was a knock on our door. "Would you like to make another trip, leaving in about an hour?"

This Bald Eagle had been executed on a power line and brought over to Horicon by this game warden. It needed to be taken to Madison for a necropsy.

The bird was double bagged and tagged, and off we went.

Such a sad thing to lose one of our magnificent birds...but it happens.

We got it back to the post.

This is the Senate Chamber.

The murals are depicting "The Marriage of the Atlantic and the Pacific" by the opening of the Panama Canal.

There are four beautiful skylights, this one is the prettiest in my opinion.

This is the Assembly Chamber.

The Wisconsin mural illustrates the past, present and future of the state.

We spent some time in this room, North Hearing Room, looking at fossils in the marble.

The walls are Yellow Verona and reminded me of ink blots!!!

We found a lot of trilobites, and I will challenge you to find the star fish on the stairs as you are entering the room!!!

I will end with some of my favorite shots.

The badger is sitting at the top of the door.

The "Badger State" got its nickname from their lead mining towns. The miners lived in shelters dug into hillsides and so they were called badgers after the burrowing animals. The badger is the state animal.


We certainly enjoyed our time at this State Capitol.

There is so much meaning in every detail.

You must be very observant.

I almost forgot...the views from the 6th floor observation deck.

The fountain in the photo to your right was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright with one of the two lakes in the background.

The Capitol Building is built on an isthmus between Lake Mendota and Lake Monona.


  1. Thanks for the great photos of the Wisconsin Capitol. We lived in the state for three years and were never inside. We did attend an art fair on the grounds one Saturday.

  2. We've been to the State Capitol, but we've never transported an eagle corpse to the bird morgue... guess which I find the most interesting?