Thursday, June 9, 2016

Madison, State Capitol

The State Capitol is right in the middle with roads going out like a wagon wheel, much like the building itself. You will see what I mean later in another photo.

Well, we finally found a place to park. We did not fit into the parking garage. We found a place, paid $4.50 and could only stay 4 hours...the max.

With road construction going on, and roads taking us in and out, we found it a little confusing, much like the inside of the building itself!!!

There are 4 wings with 8 entrances and hallways leading you here and there. You can only go halfway on one side then take stairs or elevators to get to the other side!!!

"Wisconsin" statue stands on top at 15' five inches and represents the state motto "forward."

She wears a crown with a badger on it, their state animal, and a globe with an eagle perched on the globe.
The rotunda interior dome mural is 200' overhead with four glass murals surrounding it.

It depicts "Resources of Wisconsin" with all the products being displayed.

This is just one of the four mosaics surrounding the dome. Liberty, guarding the ballot box!

Can you imagine laying all those pieces of glass?

This is the Supreme Court with a chair for each of the 7 justices.

The eight columns under the mural is made of Benou marble from France.

We spent a lot of time in this room. Here is a close up of the marble from France, very colorful.

Snooping around in every crack and cranny, I noticed this under the table in the room. The furniture is hand carved mahogany. Notice the back of the chairs as well.

The mural above is George Washington signing the United States Constitution.

Come back tomorrow for the continuation...


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  1. The Capital Buildings sure vary a lot from state to state, don't they? That one looks like a beauty.