Monday, June 20, 2016

Floating Platform

Another project that was given to us was building this floating platform.

We started here with the dimensions Mike gave us.

I might add, we started this late April, just after we arrived.

This is the next step. Boards were attached so the floats could be attached, per Mike's orders.

We laid them all out.

Wallace got them all screwed down.

We had Mike check things...his comment was, " You did not miss a screw!" In the past, when the platform was turned, some of them fell off. Not this time!!! I was the checker and made sure they were attached. It helps to have two of us.

With every float screwed down came the big day.  Here, Mike is hauling it out so we can turn it.

With Mike on the left and me in the skid loader, we get it turned without a problem!!!

Now with the platform turned over, I push it much like a barge  back in the shop, floats below now.

We need some posts, 12 in all.

Wallace had fun with the screw gun.

This was the next thing to do. Attaching the boards to the top of the platform.

Oh, I forgot...we attached the posts before we put on the top boards.

Uh oh...we are now in the middle and we are going to have to rip the next board to problem...Mike is very pleased.

This is what it looked like after sweeping it off and removing the tools.

Next we drill 2 holes in each post. Yes, we...I eyeball the drill so Wallace keeps it me anal it won't be the first time.
A big rope will be placed through these holes later.

It is now loaded onto the lowboy for transport out to the marsh where it will be finished next spring. We won't even get to see it put into place unless we come back...I think we finished this project way too early.

We ended up taking 19 of the boards back and picked out some good ones. Picky, picky, picky!!! Lumber is just not what it used to be. When I explained to the owner of Wisconsin Lumber how we were taught to place the board down (bark side up), he agreed. This helps it not to cup. We got to visit with Randy a few times...a really nice gentleman. He said we make his day because we are so friendly. That's Texas for ya.

Wallace set this up. Dirty trick. I was sound asleep.

So, I will end this story here.

Until next time...



  1. Is that for the public to fish from? Interesting construction... good job!

    1. No, it is for the public to walk out on and EE programs for the children to use. THanks.

  2. What a project! You two are really the builders.

  3. Looks like a well made platform.

  4. That looks like a heck of a floating dock. Need to get it into the water!!

    1. Right now there is a draw down so the floating dock will be put in place in the spring.