Monday, June 13, 2016

Boardwalk and Other Stuff

We changed our work schedule to help with this.

This is what we started out with. The floor and posts were done last year.


Next the side boards were added.

In this photo, Wallace and I are cutting off the posts with a reciprocating saw.

One of my jobs was to screw the top railings down while the others cut and brought the pieces down to be attached.

All help was on deck this day.

I kept saying "it is so crooked!"

Mike told me I was being too critical right now.

Mike, Shane, Dwayne, and Wallace would hold up the 2 by 8 and Mike would call me down to put in the screws after being measured and marked as to where they should go.

In this picture you can see how crooked it was turning out to be.

Mike was not too concerned about it...he had a plan.

The posts were where the problem lay. Some were leaning in and some were leaning out!!!

The next day, Ed joined us. I don't know who left that drill up on the railing, but it was not me!!!

After measuring and holes were drilled, the rope was pulled through on both sides.

Now for Mikes plan. Shane brought in the excavator while Mike was in the water attaching an implement to the posts...the excavator straightened out the posts. Mike used me as the one to eyeball while they straightened.

We were off the next day when the gang finished tweaking the other side with the excavator (left side).

This is the finished product, not too shabby, huh?

On that day off, we traveled east to Lake Michigan, then north to Manitowoc. From there we cut back over to Fond du Lac and south back home.

We found a side road that led down to the beach where I could put my hand in the water of Lake Michigan.

Next we climbed on board the USS Cobia to see what it was like to be in a submarine.

I don't know how 80 men lived in those close quarters!!! Wallace could hardly get through the doors.

One thing I remember is that the deck is made of does not float, so if it sunk, it could not be found by enemies.

It was used in World War II.

In the background is the ferry that can take you over to Michigan.
We want to do this before we leave. It started raining, so we headed home.

Another road trip!!! Dave Bolin, refuge specialist, asked if we would like to take this part to be repaired...a 367 mile round trip.

He would get someone else to do bathrooms for us and we could take off...sounds good.

We finally found a strawberry patch that was open for picking.

We ended up with 7 quarts, $20.00.

This is how I pick...oh, my aching everything. I get carried away and just keep picking.

The strawberries were so clean! You can see there is straw being used.

When we arrived, I got out and started picking when a fellow approached. You were assigned a row!!!  Allrighty then.

The people were very nice.

Here is our bounty next to our Mardi Gras flowers.

I have put up 4 containers of freezer jam, 2 quart bags of berries for later and have enough for a couple of pies...oh, my. You just can't beat fresh!!!

Until next time...


  1. I like strawberries, but that picture makes my back hurt!! It looks like you guys on working on a some good projects.

  2. I understand your being picky about that being straight (just ask Bill about me being picky ;0 ..... Nice work they have for you there... and some travel as well!

  3. I think I could smell those fresh berries right through the computer screen! ;)

  4. Glad you got it straight. It would have bothered me too.

  5. I'm impressed with the hard work you do...and even more with freezing fruit and making jam in a 5th wheel.