Thursday, November 12, 2015

Bishop's Palace

It was built in the late 1800's and survived the hurricane of 1900.

The home was built for the Gresham's, and was later bought by the Catholic Church where the bishop got to live...some people call it the Gresham's Palace.

They lived here with their nine children.

It is truly a masterpiece!!!

It is located in Galveston, Texas.

Talk about eye candy. Everywhere we looked there was something interesting and beautiful.

This is the entryway with its marble columns and calla lily chandelier.

The wood is mahogany.

Wallace is listening with the audio device. I found it hard to take in what with the device, camera and wanting to see every nook and cranny...I have forgotten some of the neat things about it such as this on the wall of the parlor...some kind of linen...the photo below.

Mrs. Gresham was an artist and must have loved calla lilies. These were embossed in the wallpaper which, I think was linen.

The fireplace and pulpit above it with its beautiful mahogany staircase is seen as you enter the house from the entryway. On the pulpit is the Great Seal of Texas. Mr. Gresham was in the legislature. Look up and you might think you are in the Capitol Building.  

Even the flooring is beautiful (parquet).

What a nice welcome for everyone who visited.

One of the fireplaces has pure silver used in several places and I think it was in this room. The plaque in the center top of the fireplace and the figurines on either side holding up a block of marble. 

There is a baby grand piano to the right of the photo with a calla lily lamp.

The ceilings are 14 feet high and some have beautiful lighting as well as paintings.

This was the bishops room, formerly one of the daughters. The bishop chose it because of its access to one of the balconies.

And the Sacred Heart Church is seen from that balcony.

It has been said, "designed by an Irish immigrant, built for a lawyer, lived in by a bishop, and guarded by winged lions."

This place is a must see.

We walked all around the outside taking in the details!!! And it does not lack details...inside or out!!!

Of course these are just a few of the pictures, you need to see it for yourself to really enjoy.

It is now lunchtime and we are starving for some seafood and here, it comes straight from the gulf!!!

Fisherman's Wharf where we sat outside and enjoyed the great outdoors.

We ordered the Captain's Platter which had a little of everything on it. Now I'll bet you are starving for some fresh seafood too.

Until next time...


  1. As many times as we've been in Galveston, we've never seen this place... looks like a place we'd like to tour. And... the meal you had looks scrumptious!

  2. A beautiful place. I sure didn't see it the only time we were there.

  3. Beautiful place, followed by some delicious seafood. Now that is a good day!!