Saturday, November 7, 2015

Seat Time

We drove to Houston to pick up an O ring for the excavator as it was time to change oil.

Doggett is a really BIG, nice new place.

As it was time for lunch and Olive Garden was right on the way back, we stop to indulge. (the refuge allows this).

The gnocche (sp) soup is wonderful.

The next day, we are joined by Russ and Butch who are volunteers that come once or twice a week.

Filling up the truck to go out in the field. Yes, we know one headlight is out...that is on the list to fix.

Filling up the ATV sprayer with chemicals to spray on after we have mowed down some invasive plants.

Darrell is our supervisor and we work with him. He certified us on heavy equipment, and today he is teaching us how to mow with the new implement that is attached to the excavator.

We are watching and waiting our turn. Rebecca and Steve are here also to practice.

We are mowing down along the creek...we want prairie. This is in front of our observation deck on the tour route...those trees and shrubs need to come down.

Wallace is taking his turn and does a right fine job of it. 

Each person gets to spend 15 minutes of mowing time, then the next person gets in.

This is me and Rebecca on the observation deck and that row of trees is what we want to clear out.

After the mowing, there is a chemical application that is sprayed on the cuttings that kills it.

So with 15 minutes of practice each, Darrell sends Wallace and Russ to continue mowing.

Have I mentioned that we have been getting a lot of rain here?

Wallace managed to get stuck and between the two of them, they darn near buried the excavator!!! This picture is taken from inside "my" tractor.

So, Darrell and I come to the rescue. Darrell brings down the dozer and I in "my" tractor. No photos of this as we are too busy now!!!
The dozer is planted and chained to one side and I am chained to the other side...with Darrell at the wheel of the excavator, we managed to get it out. I will say now, Darrell is an amazing person and if it can be done, he will find a way to do it. There were some harrowing times as my tractor was pulling and spinning and sliding sideways!!!

This was the amazing sunset that evening. We see many beautiful sunsets from the comfort of our little home on wheels..looking out on the prairie.

This big buck walked slowly in front of our rig but I was not quick enough getting the camera.

We have had a couple of doe wandering around here and he knows it.

I had to take a selfie since I hadn't learned how to turn the camera view with our new smart phone. Anyway, in the background you can see some of what is going on at the refuge. We are having a new road put in...we are not doing it, someone has been hired to do it and they are getting in our WAY!!!

It is hard to get out to do things we need to do because they have torn up the road...and it is WET. They are supposed to be finished by the end of December?!?!

Looks like there will be a part two to Seat Time. Something is going on and this post is long enough anyway.

Until next time...


  1. Those hard hats wreak havoc with one's hair, don't they?

  2. Wallace sure got that machine into a pickle!

    1. Oh, he got out and Russ took over...then the burying.

  3. Hi Carolyn, finally made it. Just don't know how to communicate back and forth with you on your blog.

    1. I am not sure what the problem is, but will look into it. There are some blogs I can't comment on???? Looks like you got us somehow.