Friday, November 6, 2015

A Round Toit

Have you ever been given a round toit?

This is a tree cookie Wallace cut when we were in Maine. He cut many of them for a program at the refuge.

I chose to put toit on mine.

Another volunteer here at Attwater refuge has invited us for several years to come out to his property in Brenham to fish. We finally got around to it!!!

What a beautiful drive to get there.

We saw the pond from the road as we approached.

Get ready to wet a line.

Our hosts were ready for us!!!

The first thing we did was go for a ride in the four wheeler. Butch showed us around the property.

The property belonged to his wife's parents and it is jointly owned by the siblings now.

This is wife Peggy. She was the first to catch a fish...a bluegill. 

She is quite the fisherman.  We certainly did enjoy meeting her and fishing along beside her.

Here I am with my first catch.

We are trying to show the beautiful colors on the fish.

We threw these back as we are after bass!!!

And guess who snagged the first bass? None other than Wallace.

Butch was having some aches and pains with his back...he works too hard out there, so he mainly just watched us.

Wallace with his prize and I soon followed.

He put on a salt water lure that caught the fish and I quickly changed what I was using when I caught this one.

This is Butch...he is helping me by tying on a hook.

We started out using worms until Wallace caught the first bass, then we all changed baits.

To the right is Peggy with her big bass.

She caught the biggest one and put it back as brood stock.

Butch started out fishing from the pier.

He comes out to the refuge once a week to volunteer. That is how we met up with these nice folks.

I caught three and Wallace caught the two biggest ones on the left.

With the fish batter that was introduced to us while in North Dakota, we had these delicious fish for supper.

Thanks to our gracious hosts for a wonderful day of fishing and getting to know one another....Butch and Peggy.

Until next time...


  1. Oh WOW! Those are lovely! I hope you show us a picture of them all fried up and ready to eat... I can almost taste them... yummy!

  2. I'm not much for salt water fish, but I like bass, bluegills, and perch. You've got my mouth watering.