Saturday, November 7, 2015

Seat Time...Part Two

So, guess who gets to wash the excavator now? Russ and Wallace.

It is clean and ready to roll again, and roll it did.

Another job we did was clean up behind the shop. This is part of the stuff we took to the metal place. (excuse the finger in the shot). We had a lot of bent fence posts we piled on the trailer.

I am in the skid steer and Wallace is in the loader.

Here Wallace is piling all the old culverts that the road crew has dug up and loading them on the trailer. Darrell is now in the skid steer, he removed me because he needed to push those culverts into the loader and it was not a safe condition.

Now with all the metal on the trailer, we took it to be recycled.

In the following photo, check out all those fence posts!

The fellow with that machine knows what he is doing!!!

It is interesting to watch how he maneuvers it around. Looks like fun.

This was our last day of work for the week. I am in the loader. I loaded the dump truck, Darrell is watering it down, Wallace is taking the skid steer out and Darrell with Russ takes the dump truck out to the site. 

I had removed the cattle guard and placed it to the side, then Darrell knew he needed to take over. He got the loader stuck in the gets better!!!

Here he is chaining up to the skid steer without success. They tried to pull it out with the dump truck and got it stuck.

Darrell needed to go get the excavator. With Wallace in the loader and Darrell in the excavator, Wallace pushed on the gas while Darrell pulled on the loader. The loader is now free.

We are getting close to closing time. Darrell takes over!!! He scooped out most of the dirt from the truck, he pushed the truck while Wallace drove it out. Now it is free.

Darrell puts the huge culvert in the hole where the cattle guard was...fills it in with the dirt and packs it down.

Yesterday, Darrell took two more loads of dirt and finished the job.
Even with all the set backs, we got a lot done. The sandy soil is awful.

I have to brag a little on my handiwork. A cattle guard was removed here with dirt pushed up on either side and it was bumpy. Darrell wanted me to get the skid steer, scoop up some gravel and even it out. He said I did perfect!!! That is what I like to hear.

Until next time...


  1. WooooHoooo... a job well done... congratulations!

  2. Wow!! You guys are sure getting to run a lot of equipment. They are certainly getting their moneys worth out of you two!

  3. Learning new skills, using new equipment, and getting UNSTUCK are all fun, aren't they?