Friday, December 4, 2015

Trying to Figure It Out

We have been busy around here, and taking pictures with my Smart Phone!!!???, can't seem to figure it out how to get them transferred to a place where I can put them on our blog!!!

Keep coming back and maybe we will be posting soon. Any ideas?

Until next time...


  1. Bill had a Smartphone.... I can't remember what happened but it didn't work out... so... guess we're back to being dumb. Sorry we can't help.... but you can bet we'll be back.... no matter where we're at.

  2. I have a smart phone and I use Picasa on my computer to organize my photos. I connect the phone to the computer with its usb cord, go to My Computer and right click on the drive "iPhone"
    Choose Import Photos and Videos, then options to choose the folder where you want the photos to go--My Pictures--in my computer, plus a file named for each month of the year--2015Dec--. I import these into Picasa but I imagine you could get them into the blog from My Pictures 2015 Dec. Good luck.

  3. I e-mail the pictures to myself and then "save" them onto my computer from e-mail. On the smartphone when I have a picture up there is a button that allows you to e-mail to an address. Hope that helps!

  4. I text message them to myself. Connecting to the cumputer doesn't work for Android phones.