Friday, July 3, 2015


Following will be things we have done that have not been mentioned.

One of the things we have been involved with is helping out with school groups.

Here we are at the wetlands.

Another program was a wagon ride...I had 25 children. It was a nature "ride." 

Wallace drove us around on the auto tour route as I talked about bison wallows, the importance of wetlands, the different trees by looking at the leaves...they also did leaf rubbings.

We disembarked at the overlook where we talked about what created Devils Lake.

This is also where we talked about the different trees, checking out the leaves. They also did leaf rubbings here where there is a picnic table.

I showed them the Norther Flicker hole where there was a nest.

We stopped at the wetlands where we talked about turtles and waterfowl.

Then a stop at the prairie dog town where they were given information about the coteries (families). I liken there tunnels to an ant farm.

Colleen asked me to accompany her on one of our trails. It is a 3 mile trail of up and down. We checked Wallace's mowing, talked about eliminating a few of the cutoffs, seeing where we needed to add some trail signs that keep disappearing, and picked up some trash along the way. I got my exercise that day for sure!!! Wallace met us here at the finish.

Colleen asked if I was afraid of heights. Well, I got to clean out an area where the eagles are housed. Climbing the 12' ladder, I asked for a vacuum cleaner which Colleen quickly brought up to me. The eagles got a good dusting as well as the whole was really dirty. I guess she has a hard time getting someone who is not afraid to get up there.

Here Wallace is taking a reading of visitation. We do this as we do a  weekly road sweep. We pick up trash, sweep the cobwebs out of the kiosks, and check the one vault toilet on the route.

We were asked to put up two gutters on the amphitheater. Wallace only needed me to hold up one end while he secured both ends, then he finished up alone.

Never having done this, he did a great job. Now we just have to add the cement rain splasher at the bottom to guide the water away from the building.

Then I suggested a pollinator garden in this area by the visitor center. Colleen was delighted about this.

I had a helper today to pull thistle from the area. We pulled for three hours (I don't think he is coming back).

We sat down to make a plan.

There were several thoughts.

Colleen said it would be a five year plan...I'm ready to get it finished NOW.

After we do the weekly road sweep, etc, we also collect the recycles and take them into town.

Then there are errands with one of them being to get change for the bookstore at the bank in town.

One of the fire temps left early, so guess who was asked to mow the roadway? I'm not sure how many miles it is, but it took me five straight hours to finish. I did have to wait out the bison at one point!!!

This is just one bunch of the thistle that I pulled by myself. Ryan (helper) and I had twice that much the first day. 

We have the day off today. Wallace is washing our rig while I have time to do this post.


Until next time...


  1. It looks like avery pretty area and they definately keep you guys busy!

  2. I sounds like you two are getting a wide variety of tasks accomplished. The Pollinator Garden will be nice, once you get all of the "weeds" out of there!