Saturday, July 18, 2015

A Walk on the Prairie

This was a scheduled event...but before we did that, some mowing needed to be done.

This is a property about 5 miles from the visitor center where it needed mowing for parking of vehicles for the walk.

It is virgin land that has never been worked, so it is the best place for a plant walk.

The people would caravan to this place to park.

Parking is so much better now that it has been mowed.

The walk and talk was given by Mark Fisher, wildlife biologist.

There were not a lot of flowers since the area had a prescribed burn in May, but it was very interesting. There were quite a few grasses talked about.

One of the flowers is North Dakotas state flower, the prairie rose with a bonus, bugs. The other is a photo of Thimbleweed.

Our walk was to go out to this sand volcano, but because of the kids and older folks, it was nixed. A little disappointing to me as that was a highlight I was looking forward to. We will just have to go on our own at a later time.

Just another day on another prairie!!!

Until next time...


  1. Too bad the walk didn't include that sand volcano... looks interesting. But looks like you still saw and learned a lot. Even better... looks like there was a decent turn-out.

  2. Prairies are such interesting ecosystems to explore. I'd like to hear more about that sand volcano...