Thursday, July 16, 2015

Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Our last long road trip until we move to our next destination when we leave North Dakota for New Mexico.

We drove over 600 miles to visit the only national park in this state. 

I think we must have picked the hottest day of the summer at 92 degrees.

These are the Badlands of North Dakota.

The Sioux called the land "Mako Shika," no good land, but Teddy Roosevelt fell in love with it, so much that he built two houses there to run his cattle ranches.

The little house where they will give you a tour is called "The Maltese Cross Cabin."

He was here when he got word that his mother and wife died..."the light has been taken out of my world."

After a stop at the visitor center, we drove the scenic loop drive. It is 36 miles in length.

Scoria is volcanic in origin. Where coal seams have caught fire and baked the surrounding sand and clay, you get scoria, a natural brick. Some of the bluffs are capped with this harder material.

Following are some of the maze of buttes, tablelands, canyons, and valleys we thought were so pretty...enjoy it along with us.

There were  some scenes along the way, like New Salem Sue, the giant Holstein cow. I think North Dakota is the only state that places these huge things throughout the state. 

The clouds were absolutely gorgeous.

Geese in flight...look at those lines holding it in place!!!

Until next time...


  1. toasty in nodak, it was... still need to make it to that park!

  2. We were surprised at how beautiful that park was. Did you by chance see any wild horses? They were so exciting to see.

    1. Yes, we did see some wild horses...should have included the picture. We also saw one pronghorn and a couple of bison.

  3. When you get to New Mexico you might see the giant Roadrunner down near Los Cruces... another huge critter up on a hill.