Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Our Newest Friend

Meet Jerry Cremers. We met Jerry about a month ago when we had wood carvers come to the refuge for a program.

Here he is in his workshop.

He belongs to the Lake Region Wood Carvers Club.

We had fun carving a fish that day.

Jerry came over to offer some suggestions. When he put a diamond willow walking stick up on the table next to me...I got so excited. I have wanted one for years...ever since I saw one and learned about them. I was told you could only find them in Alaska or Minnesota...wrong!!!

Here I am whittling away...they liked my "curlings."

When he saw how much I admired that walking stick, he told me to come see him.

We finally made time to do just that, and what a wonderful time we had with him.

Everything he has made from different kinds of wood. He made this bookcase too. 

Here is one of the plaques he made. The wording really touched my heart.

You see, Jerry has had two heart attacks and a stroke. He has had to learn to work with his left hand. His speech has been affected leaving him very aggravated. I had a hard time finding words to make him feel better.

He is a wonderful fellow. He is very proud of his wood working skills, as he should be. We had an interesting time looking in every nook and cranny at all the beautiful things he has made.

Just look at the beautiful diamond willow walking sticks he gave us.

After presenting us with these, he drove us around and showed us what the "trees" looked like.

I had showed an interest in knowing off we went.

You can see, they are not trees.

He seemed to really enjoy giving us the fever!!! 

On the left is what it looks like before you peel the bark off. Then is when you see all the beautiful diamonds.

This is our first one, on my left and the first thing you do to make your stick. We will allow it to dry before we finish it.

Jerry showed us all around with so much information about the area, the farm where he works...6,000 acres, along with his bosses enterprises, the storage containers where crops are dried, stored and shipped out. What a fun day we had with this new friend.

Until we meet again Jerry, may God hold you in the palm of His hand.

And if you should read this...we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!!

Those two sticks will be cherished along with this wonderful memory.

Until next time... 


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  1. Nice walking sticks! And... that tee-shirt looks familiar ;-)