Wednesday, July 22, 2015

International Peace Garden

But first, a stop at Rugby, North Dakota because this is the Geographical Center of North America.   

A little further up the road, we find ourselves in the Turtle Mountains. This sculpture took a lot of tire rims!!! 

This is our second trip to the gardens. We first went in May and soon realized we were going to have to make another trip to see all the flowers since it was too early for them.

We did enjoy seeing the many cacti that were blooming, 6,000 to be exact.

This Conservatory is amazing...not only cactus, but orchids and other succulents with the picture below.

Wallace was feeling ill and left me to enjoy it on my own. It was pretty hot in there.

The Conservatory is open all year, and is worth the time it takes to visit it.

You must get your picture taken at "the clock."

Please notice the beautiful red granite globe at the top of the cairn. The cairn was built right on the 49th parallel in the Turtle Mountains. 

Just another sightseeing trip during our summer here in North Dakota.

Until next time...

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