Monday, April 7, 2014

PSJA Class Reunion

Wallace's class of '59 is the first one, my class of '61 is below. His class had a total of 13, my class had a total of 10...there were a few spouse's in the picture of my class.

I ended up with the little bear from our table, and the chair I was sitting in had the winning sticker underneath. The prize was a cd with songs from the band "Almost Patsy Cline Band."  They are a great band who played and sang some wonderful tunes.

Danny and I were always next to each other in our yearbook, so I just had to have one more shot of us together.

A really nice guy.

The reunion was held in Kerrville, Texas at the Inn of the Hills.

This is at the picnic near Boerne, Texas at the Texas Farm Country Club.  Nice accommodations, great barbecue with a relaxing atmosphere.

At our table, from left to right:  Me, my cousin Amy Jo, her dad Howard (my uncle), my cousin's hubby Larry, his wife Sue, my sister Murriel with hubby Tommy (he was the only one at the table who did not graduate with us) and Wallace's nephew, Mike. Wallace was taking our picture. People used to say, "you need to be careful who you talk about in San Juan, Texas!"

Boy, there sure are a lot of OLD people at these reunions. LOL.
A great time was had, that included a lot of laughing!!!

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  1. Looks like fun! My own class reunion is this July (I'm trying to figure out how to get there) and of our class of 100, maybe 25 or so will attend. I don't think yours or Wally's class look like "old people"... looks to me like you'll all be around to enjoy the next one... and a lot more!

  2. Your title begs the question... what does PSJA stand for?

    1. Pharr, San Juan, and Alamo. Cities in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas...all went to the one high school at the time.

  3. You weren't far from home when we met you at Santa Ana, were you? High school reunions are fun--or at least interesting. My class had 908 members. Obviously, I didn't know many of them well. I kept saying, "well, I remember your name." John's class had 54. He knew all of them.

  4. I think it is amazing that your classes still have such a good turnout at reunions. You guys look great. Would it be rude to note that Wally graduated high school a year before I was born???