Friday, April 11, 2014


There are two historical plaques here at the refuge. They are nice, but needed some fixing up so they were easier to read.

I wanted to do this last year but did not pursue it.

Wallace and I participated in reviving some of these plaques with the historical group in the Valley a few years back and thought we could bring them back to life here.

I went out and fixed the number looked I went in to John, asked him to come look, and he must have been pleased because he gave me the okay to do it.

John did not give me the okay to paint the background, so here is the finished product on this one.

We have been sprucing up the refuge, getting ready for our festival this weekend...come one, come all!!!

Until next time...


  1. It's so much nicer to see signs that are kept up and maintained properly. One summer I spent a lot of time driving around an auto loop just washing the bird droppings and other stuff off the interpretive signs. Your plaques look like brass or bronze or something... probably harder to restore?

  2. Your cleanup sure made a big difference on those signs!