Sunday, April 20, 2014

Our First Stop

Our first stop is south of Texarkana, Texas, at a Corps of Engineers Park.  We stayed here last year and knew what to expect.  It is a nice park where we plan on staying for at least a week for some r and r time...much needed!!!  It is a nice site without and close campers, AND it is close to the bath house.

Until next time...


  1. Which COE park is that? It looks nice!

  2. It's still a couple of weeks before we'll be heading that route... but you make my feet get a little itchier ;-)

  3. I'm sure you're not near as close to that tree as it appears. . .right?

    gotta love that view out the back window. . .nice!


  4. Are you at Rocky Point COE? We have that in our plans as we travel to Tennessee. It will be about 3 weeks till we get there.