Wednesday, April 9, 2014

River Road

After work yesterday, the six of us volunteers jumped in the truck to take a little ride on river road to view the wildflowers that are blooming now.

We stopped quite a few times for pictures.

There were bluebonnets everywhere!!! This looked like a river of blue.

The San Bernard River does not have much water in it at this time.

There were a few white bluebonnets in one area where we passed by.

We enjoyed seeing how many flowers we knew.

Jenny and George are new to the area and are really interested in learning all they can.

This is what the road looks like...pretty sandy. We went as far as we could before we turned around...we did NOT want to get stuck.

Wildflowers were not the only thing we saw. I pointed out this Upland Sandpiper...cute surrounded by all the bluebonnets. Of course, it had to be into the sun, so it is washed out. We saw a herd of deer (16), and the jackrabbit was neat to watch with those big ears. Some had never seen one before. I could not get a decent picture of the back of the ears.

We came upon two of these water moccasins. It was ready to strike!!! And to think, we have been walking all around this prairie, sometimes at night!!!

I really like snakes for the most part, but this thank you.

I yelled out...STOP...when I noticed this flower (new to me), false dragon's head...looks like a miniature foxglove.

Our festival is this weekend, the 12th and 13th...come on out and we will show you one of our prairie chickens.

As some of you say...the end!!!

Until next time...


  1. Don't know what I loved the most... maybe the bluebonnets (which, by the way, are really blooming here at Glen Rose now that we've had some rain)... or maybe the prairie chicken... and what a great shot of the water moccasin! (I can almost feel the fangs and see the poison dripping from them).... just loved it all. Thanks for taking me along.....

  2. Oh my, that is a temptation to see the prairie chickens!

  3. I love bluebonnets! and water moccasins scare me to death. Texas has such variety.

  4. Wonderful pictures. I hope that you have a great festival.