Monday, March 31, 2014


The new netting came in and we are cutting it to size.  Ferris is helping hold it as I cut.

We cleared out the area to have a huge place to work.  All vehicles were moved outside as we have rows and rows of the netting spread out.

Rebecca, biologist, has set up a chair to start attaching the hog nose clamps to seam up the netting.  There were three of us working on getting the clamps in place.

We gathered at the work site. We are now ready to put up the acclimation pen.  By the way, there will be 4 pens set up this season.  Looks like we will only be putting up two of them.

It is a lot of work as you will see.

After the walls are put up we go inside to secure the area. Jenny and I did this tedious task of strapping the netting to rebar. We have to keep out predators. 

Everything is done to keep the prairie chickens safe.

Walls are up, netting is in place, now the electric wiring is being placed around the perimeter.

It is now ready to accept our new chickens to the refuge.

They will be coming sometime in June.

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  1. Where do they come from? Are they tiny chicks or bigger? How many will you be getting? We talked with Kirk this morning... he was plowing snow at the entrance... got more snow last night... hope it melts by the time we get there in late May ;-)

    1. The chicks (and some hens) come from Fossil Rim, Houston Zoo and maybe San Antonio Zoo. We will be getting about 200 chicks...that varies from year to year. Thanks for your interest!!!

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Judy, we will be getting about 200 chicks and they come from different places...Houston Zoo, Fossil Rim and maybe San Antonio Zoo...sometimes hens come with them.

  3. what a great legacy to leave. ..should be there for years to come. ..way to go!

    1. These pens get moved to new locations about every 2 years.