Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas

I have tried and tried to transfer the pictures to no avail.  So I will just be writing about what we have done and where we are to date.

We visited the park some years ago but decided to visit again while we are here.

The Visitor Center is located in Fordyce Bathhouse on Bathhouse Row right in the middle of the busy downtown area.  It is a beautiful building where we took the self-guided tour.  In the men's bath, there is a beautiful stained glass ceiling in the middle of the room over a nice statue of DeSoto and Pocahontas.  Sorry no picture to share.

There are nine bathhouses on the "row" with only two that are active...The Quapaw and The Buckstaff.

Hot Springs Mountain Drive is a narrow, windy road that we took to the top with a beautiful view of the town.  We took the elevator to the top of the 216 foot observation tower.  It happened to be a very windy day and we felt a sway of 3 inches and let me tell you, it was a swayin'.

We had our first taste of Mexican food at Jose's which came highly was okay.  Then we found a barbeque place for sliced BEEF brisket.  It sure wasn't like our good ole south Texas barbeque!!!

While at the park for three days, we started talking about a new rv again.  Should we, shouldn't we.  We had a week left before we needed to be at Santa Ana, so we tossed a coin again.  Chanute, Kansas or go south?

Come back later for the answer.....


  1. Humm ... duck tape or new trailer, duck tape or new trailer?
    Go for it!

  2. Heads new trailer
    Tails, duck tape! :)

  3. Just make sure you have a double-headed coin!