Thursday, November 3, 2011

Detour, There's a Muddy Road Ahead....

We had been discussing whether it was time to get a new rig for the past two years, but I really like the floor plan we is the perfect ONE.  We never had a problem...everything fit and had a place, even the bread!!!  I hate to give it up.  We were even toying with the idea of a motorhome.  Being that we have had such good luck with NuWa (nine years with MANY miles on it), we decided that's what we would go back to. 

So, we took a detour from Arkansas to Kansas to the factory in Chanute where you can buy directly from them now.  Chanute has a city park where you can stay free for the first 48 hours and then it is $10.00 a night for a max of ten days.  There is electricity and water with a dump near by.  We parked and headed over to see what they have on hand.  One of them had its thumb stuck out for a ride to Texas (Hitchhiker).

We signed the papers on October 25, 2011!!!  We are the proud owners of a 2012 Hitchhiker Discover America 300 FKTG.  We moved from a 34' to a 30'...uh oh.

While we were there, Virginia and Kurt Neville were there having their's repaired from a bad tire.  It was good to see a familiar face and visit with them during their brief stay.


  1. Congratulations! More pictures! I want to see the inside!

  2. Congratulations on the new 5th wheel! I'm with Teri, give us some more pics of the inside! Earn & I have also debated about getting a new one as the Cardinal is 6 yrs old now. We decided we should keep it awhile longer though, because like your old one, this is the perfect one too! :)