Saturday, November 5, 2011

We Have Arrived

As Wallace was trying to park here at the refuge, he pulled under a TREE!!  Our brand new rig has a bandaid now.  I was finally able to get him stopped.  Thank God, it could have been worse.  We were both sick about it.

Wallace has also been trying for 3 days to get our tv working.  It worked fine while we were in Kansas????  We are looking for a storage unit to store stuff that doesn't fit.  We deleted the two recliners to buy our own...thank goodness, because that is where our stuff was placed on our way here.  Now, we are looking for the recliners we want and that will fit!!  We are almost moved in.

Some of the boxes have already been moved.  This is just a sample of leftovers.  We now have a storage unit and now can get our chairs.  The tv is now working.

The afternoon when we arrived, I went to the school to pick up Lindsey.  She was so surprised and we were so happy to see each other!!  Joaquin warmed up to me real fast even though its been 7 months since we have seen each other.  Lindsey has lost her two bottm teeth.  Grandchildren are so special!!!

We went to our favorite Mexican food restaurant for lunch...Taco Ole in Mission.  The best Mexican food in the world.  We have been hitting all our favorite places since we got here.

Okay, here are the pictures you have requested.  Your virtual tour.

Come on back tomorrow for more of the tour as it is going so slow I don't have time to wait on it now.


  1. Oh no! They say the first ding is always the hardest. Is this RV taller than your other one or have the trees grown?
    Hope you don't have any other mishaps! I’m looking forward to more pictures.

  2. Looks like the tree reached out and grabbed you! So sorry! Know you are glad to be back home with those grandbabies! Ours have been taking turns spending the night on the weekends. Love having them!
    I love your bedroom! So pretty! Know you will soon have everything just where ya want it! :) Say hello to everyone at Santa Ana!