Monday, October 17, 2011

Pardon me while I Wax Poetic

I see beauty in the dried stalks of the undulating   cornfields, and brown rolled bales of hay scattered over a field of green.

The black and white Holsteins feeding on the hillside.
Small towns nestled in low lying valleys with church steeples peeking above the treetops of Autumn colors.

The vultures circling above, their black silhouettes against distant white clouds, making their way south just like us.

The colorful pumpkins in the farmers field waiting for the children to take home to carve for Halloween.

Neglected barns and abandoned houses that were once functional, now forgotten.

Streaks of white from the silver jets exhaust crisscrossing against the cloudless blue sky.

White plumes of smoke from the old locomotive as it chugs its way through the countryside.

Even the kudzu, like invading monsters, forming massive columns by vining around the trunks of trees...snuffing out the lives of the massive giants to form giants of their own.  I find myself finding all kinds of forms and giving them names, just like the hoodoos in Bryce Canyon.

Hues from distant mountains  creating different shades of blue.

Bluish gray berries of the Juniper trees, a pretty color indeed.

Winding roads and meandering fences..all so beautiful!

My thoughts upon leaving Pennsylvania October 2011.

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