Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Potpourri in Pennsylvania

Skyline of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania with the Capitol Building in the center as we cross the Susquehanna River which empties into the Chesapeake Bay.  That river runs the entire state of Pennsylvania...and it was HIGH and flowing.

Lancaster County is known for its Amish population and our trip here would not be complete without seeing this site.  I was just commenting how I wanted to see this when happened!!  I would not go so far as to take a facial shot as I know they shun that.  I did look and smile as we passed him, a young man about 18 years of age.

We just had to stop to purchase some locally grown fruit.  Pears for Wallace and apples for me.  I usually buy Gala, but I wanted to try something different.  The lady convinced me to try Ambrosia.  It is a juicy, crisp and somewhat tart apple.  I still prefer Gala.

I have tried several times to apply the picture of a good restaurant we found here in Huntingdon, and an error keeps occuring.  Anyway, it is called Hoss's Steak and Seafood.  Much like a Golden Corral or Ryan's.  You can bet we will find the good places to eat along the way.

With everything accomplished that we set out to do in this area, it is time to mosey on southward.  Our next stop will be somewhere in Tennessee.  We shall see, will you?

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