Monday, October 17, 2011

Another Corps of Engineers Park

October l0, 2011, we are now in Tennessee

I'm really getting the fever now...we are heading home.
BUT it is still really hot down there.  So we will stay a few more days at another Corps of Engineers Park near Nashville.  We have done the Nashville thing, so we skip all that and just veg out while here.

This is the pay station before entering the park.  That's Wallace talking with the host.  We had just walked over to the marina for some catfish!!  Do you know how long its been since we have had some good ol' catfish?!  TOO LONG.

Our site at Defeated Creek Campground with Cordell Hull Lake in the background.

This is the beautiful sunset the first night we are here.  Red skies at night, sailors delight.  This was taken from our front door.  I was already dressed for bed and could kick myself for not getting down to the water for a better picture.  I thought there would be more opportunities....wrong!!!

Another view of the park.  This will be continued tomorrow.  See ya then.

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