Monday, July 25, 2016

Winding Up

This is our last week here at Horicon NWR, so, I will go over some of the other things we have accomplished while here.

The vc needed a few things done for them. This defunct station with these buttons did not work any longer. We took all the buttons out which left we needed to come up with a plan as to how to cover up the holes.

Another display they wanted disassembled that did not work.

This was quite a large display. We took most of it apart, then rolled the bottom half out the door and down the stairs at the back deck.

Now look at that top part...perfect to fill the holes on the first display I showed!!!

This piece was the answer as to how to fix this display.


Now we are taking the back screen off of this airboat so the motor can be replaced. Our job was to remove all bolts, hoses and tie wraps so Mike could remove the motor.  Wallace also took off the radiator, which was not an easy job, but he got it done.

We drove into town to purchase two hoses, then Wallace replaced them since there was a leak in the hydraulics.

Now I can go to work.

There were all these old floats spread out, some were good and some were full of water (no good).

Wallace separated them and marked the bad ones while I picked them up with the skid loader.

I was told to deposit them off to the side of this trailer. I had them stacked neatly only to find out they had to be counted for replacement...they got spread out. Oh, well, so much for that! I had fun and practiced how to work the clamp and stack them.

In this photo, I am using the miter saw to make eight of these supports to go under two more wrought iron cattail panels for the front entrance which we hope will get done this week.

I finally got to mow with this ag tractor. Wallace used the fecon to chew up the trees...he really liked doing that.

I mowed three different plots while he took out some trees.

The fecon at work.

The way it looks now, after the mowing.

I mowed high and left a few of the wildflowers along the entrance at and down the trail as per instructions.

This field is at the parking lot on the tour route. I finished mowing here, Wallace is coming down the field with the skid steer with the fecon tool attached.

This area had many ditches and it was a little scary as the sweet clover was so high I could not see what lay ahead and it caught me off guard at times.

Saying Goodbye to the Marsh

One of the many beautiful sunsets out our back window.

I used to think the rays were where God was...maybe He is!!!

Until next time...



  1. They are really going to miss you two when you're gone. But isn't it great to have meaningful work to do?

    1. We have felt really good with what we have been doing here.

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  2. You have been busy, busy, busy. Do you get a rest before your next assignment? And where are you headed.

    1. Yes, we will take a month getting to our next place, Cape Romain in S.Carolina.

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