Sunday, July 17, 2016

Cattail Panels on Deck

This is the before picture of the deck before the cattail panels were inserted.

We installed eight panels in this area.

Taken from a different angle, but you can see what they look like in place.

As you may recall, we also put together the two children's tables as well, and yes, there is a place for umbrellas.

With a little help from our friends...the fire crew and Frank.

They helped carry 5 more of the panels up the stairs, as they are very heavy. Kudos to them!!!

After we figured out to do those first few, the rest came fairly easy...bring em  on.

Wallace, using the table saw, made dados in the top of the wooden pieces, to insert the panel...then he would hold them in place while I screwed them down.

Mike left it up to us as to where they should be placed as the spaces were not evenly divided.

We chose to center these two under the interp panel above.

Next, we will be installing two more panels at the front entrance.

Until next time...


  1. Those look darned good. And it looks like Wally worked up a pretty good sweat!!

  2. Those sure look nice! Quite attractive... both you two AND the project!

  3. Those are beautiful. What good work.