Saturday, July 16, 2016

Pencil Museum Inc.

Having seen a picture on my Facebook, it renewed some thoughts about a couple we have not seen in three years. He does not post often, so I am glad I happened upon it.

Do you recognize one of those names, the sixth one from the top.

After seeing their post on Facebook, I kinda remembered they lived in Wisconsin and sure enough, not only do they live here, but not too far from where we are here at Horicon.

It would be so nice to see them again.

We communicated via Facebook and made a time to see them.

I remembered they run a pencil museum...googled it and found the address.

They live here at the museum, a fascinating place, right on Lake Winneconne.

Karen and Tom Schmitz surrounded by pencils!!!

Karen showed us all the pencils they have collected from many places...the latest being from Switzerland.

This collection is quite whimsical.

I told Karen I would never look at a pencil the same way ever again.

They boast of having over 20,000 unique pencils, 1884 slate ones, an 8 foot long one, drum stick ones, and bullet pencils.

Sooo interesting!!!

They treated us to a home made meal after our tour, which was very tasty.

Introduced us to another Wisconsin cheese which we liked.

Our captain, Tom, took us on this nice pontoon boat all around the lake. The dock is right behind their home.

A very nice leisurely ride on Lake Winneconne.

He was also our guide and told us all about the area. He grew up here and shared a lot with us.

We certainly did enjoy our afternoon seeing and visiting with these friends, and catching up on so much.

Tom told us one could travel by boat from their home all the way out to Saint Lawrence and beyond...wouldn't that be nice. I was already looking where I could pitch a tent on the pontoon and GO.

Thanks Karen and Tom for a wonderful afternoon!!!

Until next time...


  1. Looks like fun. Karen and Tom are such a neat couple.

  2. I remember Karen and Tom! Are the still doing any volunteer work?

  3. Who knew pencils could be so interesting. The lakes of Wisconsin are part of what makes it a really wonderful state.