Thursday, July 7, 2016

Tables to TABLE

We have three weeks left to finish the projects that were put before us while here at the refuge.

Erin, volunteer coordinator, asked if we could put two children's picnic tables together, we said sure. We had no idea what kind she was talking about!!!

These two boxes had been stored for some time. I got the skid loader to pick them up and bring them over to our work area.

Anybody who has worked with this material knows how heavy it is.

We got one unpacked and went to work on it.

It did not take long...we were able to get the other one put together.

These tables are tiny but mighty.

They really are cute, and we got many comments on them.

I really dwarfed the table.

Oh, and by the way, we have one more large picnic table that needs to be  put together when you have time...allrighty then.

The two little tables were placed on the deck with help from our firefighter friends...I did mention, they are heavy!!! The large table is still in our work area waiting for its home, but it  looks like the one in this photo.

Until next time...



  1. Don't you love the last couple of weeks when they start finding all sorts of projects that need to be finished?? Nice job!

  2. You two are amazing! And wonderful assets to US Fish and Wildlife. I hope they appreciate you.

  3. It looks like that little table even has a place for an umbrella... how nice!