Thursday, May 1, 2014

Through These Doors

Can you guess where we are?

Where these doors might lead to?

The six 10 foot bronze doors were purchased from Tiffany's in 1910 for $10,000.

Quite impressive.

Here we are at the Arkansas State Capitol. 

I liked how the planting area curved around leading us up to the entrance, much like the flow of the river.

The Capitol contains 287,000 square feet.

Now let's go inside. The first thing is always the Rotunda where this chandelier hangs from a 73 foot chain and weighs more than 4000 pounds. It is made up of thousands of brass, copper, zinc, iron and glass parts.

The ceiling was not so elaborate as other State Capitols we have visited.

Ah, the grand staircase, how opulent...this shows just how much marble was used in the building. The marble coming from Vermont with columns coming from Colorado, and the grand staircases from Alabama.

We walked up the stairs to visit the House Chamber which is on the third floor with the Senate Chamber on the opposite end.

We thought we could not get inside as the door was locked, but with a little ingenuity, we walked around until we found a way...aha!!!

The dome in the Senate Chamber has stained glass windows to cut down on the glare, with draped curtains to help with acoustics. 

The columns here are faux marble and topped with gold leaf.

The view of the Senate Chamber from the gallery. The Great Seal of the state of Arkansas is placed in carpet at the front of the room.

The banner from the eagle's beak has the words: Regnat Populas, meaning "The People Rule."

Above the doorway as they leave the room are the words, In God We Trust. We hope they see these words each time they leave and take them to heart.  The same is over the doorway of the House Chamber as well.

The Governor's Reception Room had very comfortable chairs. Fireplaces are on both sides of the room.

The walnut table was made from a tree that governor Donaghey's father planted on their family farm. He presented the table to the Capitol on the state's 100th birthday.

The chandelier above the table is original to the room. It was not mentioned, but it looks like pure silver to me...beautiful.

Governor Donaghey was the first governor to serve in the State Capitol.

We also visited the Old Supreme Court Chamber and took this photo of the ceiling of symbols illustrating the principles of justice.

The diamond shapes are representing the diamond state, where you can actually dig for the gem. The box of 36 circles represent the number when Arkansas became a state.

Now for a walk on The Hill.

The dome is topped with a lantern copula, capped with a ball finial which is a hollow copper sphere. It is gilded in 23 karat gold leaf.

Okay, Sharon, this one is especially for you...THE BELL!!!

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit...walked and walked and walked all through the Capitol, all around the grounds where there are a lot more I could show...a lot of memorials that are beautiful and significant...

Until next time...


  1. Oh yes... the replica of the Liberty Bell... thank you! I believe we've been here a few years ago... used to make it a point to visit every State Capitol that we could. Unfortunately, Ohio's is one of the least impressive of all. Love seeing all the grandeur and beauty!

  2. That is a beautiful building. Looks like y'all had the place to yourselves.