Tuesday, May 6, 2014


COE  stands for Corps of Engineers. These parks are great, and as a holder of a Senior Pass, we get to stay half price.

This is our site at Maumelle, near Little Rock, Arkansas.

We stayed here nine days.

We toured the State Capitol, but other than that we have just been taking it easy.

We have done some birding...a total of about 35 species...not really serious birding by any means.

We have both been struggling with pollen issues, me more than Wallace. 

The trip from Texarkana to Little Rock was one of our shortest ones ever...about 140 miles.

We left Maumelle and crossed the Arkansas River on our way to Nashville, Tennessee.

Traffic was light as we left around 8:30am. Our journey today will be a long one...442 miles, but it was all on the interstate.

A look at the Memphis skyline as we crossed the Mississippi River.

The view out our window at Defeated Creek, another COE park east of Nashville.

We are parked up on a hill with a view of the lake.

It is a convenient pull through, at the end of a long drive, it is always nice just to pull through!!!

This park makes three COE parks, and will be the last good stop on our way to Maine for the summer.

Until next time...


  1. I wonder if your site at Maumelle is the same one I was in last spring. It sure looks like it.

  2. Sorry we missed you.... we just skirted around Nashville... headed straight for Bowling Green, KY and on to Louisville. Guess we've been in around the Nashville area too much in the past... but didn't know you folks were there :-( Oh well.. see y'all in Maine in June. Safe travels!

  3. We have just reached the "Golden Age" and have been enjoying ACE parks since we left Marinoff. We do like that one in Arkansas. We discovered a new one we like on Navarro Mills Lake near Corsicanna, Texas. Can't beat $9 a night.
    Safe travels

  4. how far is that COE park from Nashville? Might be a better option than where we stayed last. . .