Monday, May 19, 2014

Moosehorn or Bust

And we really thought we would BUST!!!

We had some enjoyable stays at COE parks with the last one near Carthage, Tn.  It was hard leaving there (we stayed 6 nights) as we knew the next 3 days would be a grueling journey...all one night stands.

Our first night, after 346 miles, we stayed at Flying J in Wytheville, Va.  The second night, after 536 terrible miles, we stayed at Wal-Mart in Milford, Pa.  The road conditions were absolutely horrific. Pothole, Pennsylvania!!!  I'm sure glad we changed out those Towmax tires for Goodyear's on the rv before we left Attwater. Our 3rd night was spent in Cabela's (Maine) parking lot right off the interstate, 331 miles.  Traveling through Connecticut was a real nightmare traffic wise.

But, we are now here (Moosehorn National Wildlife Refuge) with the final push being 240 miles.  This trip is about 2000 miles in total.

After setting up, I noticed this woodchuck whose burrow is nearby. I think we brought it out of hibernation as you can see...the full stretch.

I hope it stays around as this area can be a little busy at times.

We checked in at headquarters for keys, hugs, and handshakes. It's so good to be settled! The black flies are out in force with temps in the 50's.

Since April, we have not had our dish tv...WOW, I thought we could live without it...wrong! We had a problem while we were at Attwater NWR. We don't know what happened, it just stopped working. Probably the antiquated equipment. Anyway, we contacted someone who would come out to fix everything and now we are back in business. Whoopie!!

This is our 7th year back...please refer back to past blogs to read about all the things we have done as I don't want to repeat the same things. I'm sure we will find new things to do while we are here.

Until next time...

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  1. I just can't do those kinds of days like your last three or four. Too much driving for me.