Friday, May 30, 2014

Our First Week Back

It was really great when we reached this point. We are HERE. 

Day one was our staff meeting.  Afterwards, Bill spent the rest of the morning visiting with us. Bill is the refuge manager, and we have worked under his supervision since we started coming here...our 7th year back.

After lunch, I washed the hummingbird feeders and made up a batch of sugar water, while Wallace went with the guys to clean off Ice House Road...preparing it for a tour during the birding festival.

We assisted Bill with a "Birds Have Tools" program for the school kids which was held at Cobscook Learning Center.

This child was dressed in a hawk costume while Bill talked about their tools: talons, beak, how they use their tails and wings.

After that, we took them out on trails where we had hung 16 bird pictures for them to find. We again gave them more information about each bird. A little exercise for the body and mind. We did this activity last year and the kids seem to really have a good time.

I cleaned the little visitor cabin and it is now ready for visitors.

This is the new headquarters building which has not been moved into yet. They are waiting for the final inspection, and phones still need to be put in. We will be helping them with that eventually. It is really nice.

They had snow here just the week before we arrived. We picked up limb debris, then I hopped on the John Deere. Like Judy says, it's great to see the way it looks afterwards. Wallace gets to do the weed eating.

The temps have been in the 50's with frost one night, and the black flies are a real nuisance.

Bill has asked us to monitor wildlife at the Edmunds Division which is another part of the refuge about 40 minutes from here. We will do that one day each week during our work week. The most exciting thing was getting a Gray Jay.

This photo is not as good as Sharon's. He was quite a ways off and terrible light.

Hopefully we will see something more exciting eventually.

When I stepped out the other day, I noticed an Ermine scampering about. It was moving too fast for a photo, so this will have to do.

Until next time...


  1. You've got one one me. I've never seen an ermine that I know of.

  2. WooooHoooo.... hit the deck running! Just like us... Love your gray jay... can you believe we've never seen in all our times there in the past? Looks like you've definitely found your niche.... maybe we'll see you sometime this summer.