Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Medicine Park

"America's Cobblestone Community."  It was founded July 4, 1908 as the state's first planned tourist resort.  There is a creek known for its healing qualities...hence the name.

In the roaring twenties, this was THE place to vacation for the rich folks.  

Our tour of the town started with a walk that follows Medicine Creek with tall Catalpa trees shading the pathway.

At the sidewalk end is this waterfall.

Where we discovered this Black Diamond Water Snake sunning itself on one of the red boulders.

A bison sculpture standing on cobblestones.


Now how long has it been since you've seen one of these...a working pay phone?

This is where we have lunch.  The Old Plantation Restaurant.  Built in 1910, it is a large three story building that once was The Grand Hotel...notice the cobblestones.  It has its share of days gone by!!!

It was listed on the National Historic Register in 1970.  The hamburger is NOT why we came here.  

CHICKEN FRIED STEAK AND GRANDMAS ROLLS.  Everyone said this was the place to go for a chicken fried steak.  While it was good, we prefer the one at Meers made from longhorn beef...97% lean...that way you can afford the gravy.  tee hee.

Some of the shops on Cobblestone Row.

May 25th is the first of the free entertainment held on this outdoor stage.  I have a feeling we will be going back for some of that.

Most of the time was spent in the historic district, but we took a side road and found this pretty house.  Notice the feather and the cobblestones.  All the houses use these cobblestones somewhere in the homesites.  I bet you noticed!!!

Cobblestones used in landscaping.

This is a view of the town from the dam that holds back this large lake.

One more comment about cobblestones...they are the reason this refuge was saved and never developed.  The land could not be farmed because of soooo many rocks.  Hip, hip, hooray!!!

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  1. Great post Carolyn! I'm leaving Oklahoma in a few days but will take your pictures to show my friends.

  2. Enjoy...have a good trip back. Welcome to our blog.